Moon & Emotional Wellbeing

A blue light is shown with the moon in the background.

The Moon (Chandra) influences us more than any other planet (Graha) aside from the Sun (Surya), for her vibrations are felt from the tides of the ocean to the waves of the human mind. Since our bodies are composed of about seventy-five to eighty percent liquid, it follows that the Moon, which moves and influences…

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Mercury [Retrograde] & Communications

A few times a year, Mercury goes retrograde and during this period our communications with family, friends and colleagues can lead to misunderstandings with harsh words spoken. The Power of Words ‘It takes one right word to generate a cause whose effect can move a life in trouble in the right direction, bringing joy and…

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Nottinghamshire Aspect Article:

Dany Alys, Senior Yoga Therapist & Astrologer, explained: “I take an individualised approach and treat every person as unique.  All students are taught according to his or her individual capacity.†“My teaching style draws on yoga therapy training and own personal experience of yoga as a therapy.  I have extensive experience in yoga therapy for pain management:…

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Astrological Consulting and Counselling

A series of four pictures with the zodiac signs.

As the Gregorian New Year arrives, here’s wishes for Happy New Year 2021! Dany Alys (Astrologer & Therapist) offers astrological consulting and astrological counselling, with emphasis on career aspirations and specific problem areas of life. Sidereal Astrology Email:

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Meditating On The Sun

A sunset with the sun setting behind it.

Increase And Spread Your Light  Meditating on the psychic sun will connect you to your higher self. It will open your hearts and bring you happiness. It is a practise which positively strengthens the life-force in the body, resulting in improved health and well-being on all levels.  Meditating on the sun attracts good fortune, including…

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Stress & Relaxation

Two people sitting on a boat in the water.

Even though we can’t control what’s going around us, we do have some control over how we react to stressful situations.  According to science, there are a number of research backed practices and healthy lifestyle habits like exercise, yoga, keeping a journal, spending time in nature, and building a strong support network that can help…

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Live the Moment

A blue banner with the words " give this world good energy ".

‘…through our negative thoughts, we can bring about illness and chronic disease in and on our body or cause suffering and blows of fate.  On the other hand, through positive feeling, thinking, speaking and acting, we bring about health, inner harmony, joy, peace, happiness and contentment in ourselves.’ Gabriele, Wurzburg Vedic Counselling, Yoga Therapy and…

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‘When we think and talk again and again about our past, thus invoking it, so that these images become present in us, we create thought-forms of the past.

A blue sky with leaves and the words " life is an image of moment ".

When we are at loggerheads with our fellowman for years and repeatedly talk about the reason for the strife, letting it flare up in our sensations and thoughts, we create a thought-form. When we disparage one of our fellowmen for years, that is, when we haven’t a good word to say about him, we create…

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Health – Mind, Body & Soul

This is when we have mental and physical balance in our body, mind and soul.  For us to enjoy health on all levels, we must be of balanced thinking, moderate living and be open to giving and continuous learning.  This combination helps to open the heart and feel the need for love and forgiveness.  There can be no…

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In the Journal of Alzheimer Disease, a 2020 study reveals that long-term consequences of COVID-19 may include:

A pink flower and green leaves are on the background of a white brain.

Depression Anxiety Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) Memory loss Poor attention Insomnia Psychosis Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Mild cognitive impairment Accelerated brain aging Other findings point to subsequent learning problems in both children and adults.    We are here to help you, family and friends with therapeutic mind and body practices.

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