Mercury [Retrograde] & Communications

A red background with white text that says mercury 's in retrograde.

A few times a year, Mercury goes retrograde and during this period our communications with family, friends and colleagues can lead to misunderstandings with harsh words spoken.

The Power of Words

‘It takes one right word to generate a cause whose effect can move a life in trouble in the right direction, bringing joy and happiness.  But it also takes one wrong word to cause damage, pain and suffering that lasts a lifetime.’

‘There have been people who have said wrong things during a moment of fear, insecurity or anger. These words become recorded, not only expose their personality core, but also, come back to hurt them or destroy friendship and love.  One should not speak in anger.’

‘In anger or fear you do not speak consciously, because consciousness and what you say are favoured by the Universe.  Those who abuse the power of the word and have made destroying other their life’s work, will have to pay for it sooner or later.  There is no way around it.’


Astrology (Vedic): Individuals with Gemini (Mithuna) and Virgo (Kanya) ascendants (Lagnas) has Mercury (Budha) lordship and thus may experience this transit more acutely.

‘Psychological indications of the planets (Grahas): Mercury represents the power of judgement. It can create a net of information and speculation that traps the soul in the realm of the senses, or it can create a ladder of values and principles through which the soul can ascend. The main issue of Mercury is right discrimination; whether we direct our reason toward organising the impressions gathered from the senses or toward discriminating truth from falsehood. The latter changes Mercury into the god of wisdom.’ David Frawley

Therapeutic Practices: Breath control for respiratory health – Abdominal Breathing (Pranayama), Complete Breath (Ujjayi Pranayama), Cleansing Breath (Kapalabhati) and Bellows Breath (Bhastrika).

Transcendental meditation is a technique that teaches you to repeat over and again a particular phrase or sound (Mantra), which helps to focus the mind and stop it from wandering.

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