‘When we think and talk again and again about our past, thus invoking it, so that these images become present in us, we create thought-forms of the past.

A blue sky with leaves and the words " life is an image of moment ".

When we are at loggerheads with our fellowman for years and repeatedly talk about the reason for the strife, letting it flare up in our sensations and thoughts, we create a thought-form. When we disparage one of our fellowmen for years, that is, when we haven’t a good word to say about him, we create…

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Health – Mind, Body & Soul

This is when we have mental and physical balance in our body, mind and soul.  For us to enjoy health on all levels, we must be of balanced thinking, moderate living and be open to giving and continuous learning.  This combination helps to open the heart and feel the need for love and forgiveness.  There can be no…

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