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Astrological Health Analysis

Tula lagna has a strong sense of harmony, justice and balance, particularly in the realm of ideas; it is heavily afflicted by malefic grahas and has Yama Yoga and Agni Yoga.  

Saturn juti Jupiter from the 8th bhava gave rashi dristi on the lagna a negative yoga placement for destructive circumstances.

Venus the Lagnesa and eighth lord, is Shubapati of Moon (manas includes emotion and feeling) placed in the Visakha Natshakra, that Jupiter lords and holds the prana, again it is not well placed to protect health and the lagna significations.

Thus, the applied intellect and awareness of health matters would have been clouded and actions taken counterintuitive to maintaining wellness of mind and body.  

The Sun as the 11L in the 12th bhava and bhadakesa graha contributed to the sudden cancer diagnosis and eventual passing according to time periods of live Vimsottari Dasa.

Breast Cancer diagnosis during the Vimsottari dasa: Venus > Venus > Sun > Saturn > Moon

End of Life: Venus > Venus > Mercury Jupiter > Saturn

Creative and Financial Success 

Venus in mulatrikona – Malavya Yoga  gave grace, charm, artistic talents and social influence.  Also, in lagna, Venus juti Mercury, lord of the ninth bhava for skills and wealth, is the Vara with directional strength.  Mercury is vargottia and in other vargas well placed to gain recognition, fame and wealth. 

Saturn as yoga karaka lords the 4th and 5th bhavas, with rashi dristi on Tula rashi, the sign of its exaltation thus, adding to the level of professional achievements.

We all know health challenges will come to us at some point in our lives on Bhu Loka.    

We can, however, be aware, hold the knowledge of ‘the self’ – the weakness in mind, body and spirit.  Then make the commitment to be proactive, maintain health and wellness and mitigate the impact of ageing. 

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Words: Sanskrit / English:

Tula Lagna / Libra Ascendent

Lagnesa / Lord of the ascendent

Grahas / Planets 

Bhava / House

Dristi / Look at

Juti / Conjunct

Shubhapati / Moon dispositor

Prana / Life force

Mulatrikona / Office

Vargottia / Same sign in Navamsha

Vargas / Charts

Karaka / Signification

Yoga / Union