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Dany Alys, Senior Yoga Therapist & Astrologer, explained: “I take an individualised approach and treat every person as unique.  All students are taught according to his or her individual capacity.â€

“My teaching style draws on yoga therapy training and own personal experience of yoga as a therapy.  I have extensive experience in yoga therapy for pain management: I live with hip injuries as a result of accidents and I now suffer no pain.  I have also employed therapeutic yoga techniques in my own life to cope with bereavement, divorce and motherhood and overcome stress and insomnia.â€

Dany Alys added: “I believe the physical and emotional challenges I have faced in life have given me strength and wisdom to assist others.  The spiritual philosophy of yoga gave me more energy to lead a heathier and more progressive life.â€

“By treating the mind and body in unison, it works to calm and destress, while also improving the circulation of blood and lymph, stretching and working most of the muscles in the body and increasing physical energy.  In which case, it can help treat many aliments, including arthritis, neck pain, backache, high blood pressure, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, sinusitis, repetitive strain injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia and migraine.†

The wisdom of Vedic Counselling  â€“ spiritual, physical, mental and emotional guidance – is offered through virtual classes and sessions.

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