Moon & Emotional Wellbeing

The Moon (Chandra) influences us more than any other planet (Graha) aside from the Sun (Surya), for her vibrations are felt from the tides of the ocean to the waves of the human mind. Since our bodies are composed of about seventy-five to eighty percent liquid, it follows that the Moon, which moves and influences the Earth’s oceans, also moves and greatly influences the human body.

Since the body is up to eighty percent water (Jala) and the Moon rules water, by working with it, you can control eighty percent of your health. That is why the first thing one should do when faced with health challenges is work with the Moon on a physical and spiritual level. The Moon on a physical level is represented by water and the drinking of it can cleanse the system, for water is the mother of life and through it we can contact the pure energy of the Universe.

One particularly effective way of benefiting from the healing energy of water is by sipping it slowly. On the spiritual level the Moon accessed by breathing through just the left nostril. Left-nostril breathing brings lunar energy into the body. Left-nostril breathing renews the blood, sharpens intuition and enhances overall health.

In astrology the Moon represents the imaginative and reflective side of a person and is linked to the subconscious mind. Learn more about astrological placement of your moon in natal chart, to see whether it is supported by other planets or afflicted by them. Moon transits can trigger an overwhelming emotional experience, such as depression and anxiety or worse and there are a variety of remedies to aid emotional wellbeing.

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