It’s all about timing: Sun Mahadasha & Spirituality

A branch from Vedic Knowledge, states it’s all about timing. There is a right time to start a meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage, purchase a new house of numerical value, move to live abroad or different city, change to a new career path and so much more…

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For example, (a) you could be online dating sites for years wanting to attract a long-term love, but nobody suitable manifests, this could be due to an unfruitful time period; (b) you could be about to move into a newly purchased property with dreams and aspirations, but the numerical door number could trigger all sorts of problems in your life; (c) do you know a person who has up sticks and moved abroad to live, only to return quickly; this could be down to the wrong country, or wrong time to emigrate and their astrological chart would reveal the best place or country in which to live.

What follows is a snippet from my own career choices and how now is the right time in my life to share Vedic knowledge through online services: Vedic Astrology, Vedic Yoga and Vedic Counselling.

A person is standing in the light of an aura.

Upon graduation and in pursuit of financial gains, I headed to London taking on the role of a Sales Manager based in a Notting Hill Estate Agency. The role was to manage a portfolio of million pound properties for sale, across the Kensington & Chelsea Borough of London. I received huge and varied gains, but chose to move on from this position due to experiencing stress and insomnia. I relocated back to the Midlands, with a change in mind, to holistic career pursuits and qualified as a Yoga Instructor specialising in Ashtanga and then Chikitsa (therapy); a yoga business developed and diversified following the recession of 2008.

Astrologically speaking, I’m currently in my Sun Mahadasha – a time period, when the soul’s path is cleared for the steps to be taken ahead in light. It was during my early teens, with many, many hours spent reading numerology, astrology and spiritual books. There wasn’t a moment, that I considered them as anything more than deep interests. Today, I hear my current guru’s voice, “learn to build on knowledge, don’t throw it away…”. Thus, building on my professional training and experience of yoga as therapy, I’ve developed a business to include an inner calling for astrology and spirituality.

I’m walking this path on time, with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart to help others.

A person is standing in the light of an aura.

Would you be interested in learning about your time period according to Vedic knowledge?