Mind & Body

From the mind to the body and from the body to the mind, heal yourself to feel fine.

Realisations of what I have learnt and want to share!

  • As you know, all living beings have a certain amount of breaths and without our body, we do not get to stick around on planet earth – pranayama – breathing techniques help to support the respiratory system within the body.
  • Listen to your body – physical aches, pains, stiffness and more are messages to you for action – yoga asanas help to restore balance…’
  • Quieten the noise and control your mind – mantras, meditation and mindfulness…’
  • Daily cleansing of the body aids to attract positive energy – morning washing and yogic practices…’
  • Wear clean clothes and (accessories) daily to protect your ora from dark forces – evil eyes…’
  • Walk with like minded persons who want the best for you – ease your steps through life paths with knowledge of the-self…’
  • Believe everything is always working out for you – self talk and thinking patterns do manifests…’
  • There are so many ways to care for your mind and body.  Our services of Vedic Astrology, Vedic Yoga and Vedic Counselling reveal the root challenges to your health, home, relationships and work with astrological readings, physical postures and talking therapy.
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