Vedic Astrology & Counselling

Vedic Astrology & Vedic Counselling

Vedic Astrology - Elle Feurtado (Astrologer & Therapist) offers astrological consulting and astrological counselling, with emphasis on relationships, career aspirations and specific health challenges of life.

Vedic counselling is life guidance based upon the Vedic tradition of self- knowledge and cosmic knowledge. Vedic counselling helps us determine our Dharma along with the laws of nature and consciousness that work behind the visible universe. It enables us to access the unlimited wisdom, energy and vitality inherent in the cosmos. Vedic knowledge connects us to universal intelligence that helps us move beyond our human and creaturely constraints.

We can define Vedic counselling as Dharmic guidance on right living, right action, right relationship, and right awareness. Its basis is self-understanding and bringing us to a direct perception of the truth, not imposing a belief system, formula, or set of preconceptions upon anyone. It addresses all the prime goals of life as Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, from a background of physical and psychological well-being.

A Vedic counsellor is a teacher of Vedic ways of knowledge. He or she can be defined as “Vedic educator”,  guiding others on Vedic ways of improving communication, social harmony, respect for nature, and inner realization. A Vedic counsellor is a guide to higher living and deeper awareness.

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